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Mucu Pen, Stainless Steel or Aluminum

Well that’s pretty.

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Australia, Curl Curl Beach February 3, 2014


Australia, Curl Curl Beach February 3, 2014


Loris Cecchini: Wallwave Vibration

part of Miart 2014

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Swiss Museum of Transport, Road Transport Hall, Lucerne.

Design by Gigon/Guyer Architekten.

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Tessuto urbano multilivello - Tesi in architettura


Paolo Soleri, Five Bridge Designs for Luxembourg, (1958)

“Of all things that are man-made, bridges are, with dams, the most “structural,” single-minded, and imposing. As connectors at a breaking point, they have a heroic force that is aided by a challenging structuralism. As a strand of continuity in a non-continuum, the bridge is full of implied meanings. It is the opposite of devisiveness, separation, isolation, irretrievability, loss, segregation, abandonment. To bridge is as cogent in the psychic realm as it is in the physical world. The bridge is a symbol of confidence and trust. It is a communications medium as much as a connector.”

-Paolo Soleri, 1970, from “The Sketchbooks of Paolo Soleri”


The above images are of a series of multi-functional bridges designed for a Bridge Design Competition sponsored by the Luxembourg government in 1958.  According to the project outlines, the bridge was to be suspended 75 meters above ground and span a width of 502 meters to “provide an opportunity for urban expansion”. 

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Looking up

Yes to those ribbed vaults

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